the glare of contempt, will it be there in the Quebec debate?

April 13, 2011 at 2:59 pm | Posted in elections, Questions, Quotabull | Leave a comment

It was not a stare, it was the glare of contempt. Contempt for anything Canada. Contempt for parliament, contempt for the questions, and contempt for the voter as the contempt overflowing leader of the cons lost the debate to Mr Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal party of Canada.
the contempt was oozing forth from the contempt filled eyeballs of the contempt filled cons leader, as he lost the debate, by blaming everything on the coalition and the Liberals. Yes, the Liberals started ww1, ww2, the korean war, the Vietnam war, the afgan war, the current uprisings in the arab world! And those dastardly Liberals are responsible for every woe the world suffers from!
Ya sure, contempt filled conboy.
No wonder there is a Canada Revolution happening today in Canada!
will that glare of contempt for anything Canada be there in the Quebec debate of the real Leaders of the real political parties of Canada?
I predict the cons contempt filled leader will once again loose the debate, coming in worse than last.
worse than last is how Albertans get less than nothing for their oil, courtesy of the cons party. Less than nothing is debt, and environmental damage that will take years and trillions to clean up. also thanks to the cons party. all while Norway, which produces less oil and gas than Alberta, has a $525 Billion dollar heritage trust fund, while Alberta has less than a million in the bank…..

the winners of the Quebec Debate will of course be the leaders of the Quebec bloc, the NDP and the Liberal party of Canada. All they have to do to win is be there and present their platforms. In My opinion, they should just ignore the contempt filled one.

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