the Leaders debate! winners and looser

April 12, 2011 at 9:59 pm | Posted in Alberta, elections, Questions, Quotabull | 1 Comment

In one of the highlights of the Canada Revolution, the contempt filled cons leader showed he is exactly that, contempt filled, and the cons leader. He did not really show up to debate, he only showed up to sneer his contempt at everyone who asked anything of him, with answers of “its all the Liberals fault”.

The Bloc leader did excellent, showing the people of Canada outside of Quebec that he would be a better prime minister than the looser of the debate. Jack Layton also did excellent, standing up for the people of Canada like a leader of Canada should.

The winner though was Elizabeth May of the Green party who tied with Mr Ignatieff of the Liberal Party of Canada, these two won the debate.Eliabeth May, showed how she should of been in the debate, and would be a far better prime minister than the debate looser.

Mr Ignatieff, delivered a solid roundhouse, a most brutal uppercut, three bone rattling body slams and two and one  half brain bashing pile drivers on the looser. That contempt overflowing looser was coalitioned gang beaten into a paparazzi haunted political coma! From which it looks like he may never recover in time for the French leaders debates this week.
Some links from around the net on the beating Mr Ignatieff gave to the looser.

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