a bit on the Canada revolution, humanity and the election!

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http://ca.news.yahoo.com/russia-celebrates-gagarins-conquest-space-20110412-023852-935.html 50 years ago Yuri Gagarin put humanity on a new course. 50 years ago Yuri Gagarin became the first human to fly into space and orbit the planet we name Earth. Just like voting in the Canada revolution, Yuri Gagarin did a most Liberal thing by going where no human had gone before. He did not conserve the notion that humans do not belong in space. Instead Yuri Gagarin embraced Liberalism and did something new, something bold, something brave. Like Columbus the Liberal who discovered the continent named Canada, Yuri Gagarin in his Liberal first orbit around the Earth, showed the entire world how humans can do new Liberal things and did not have to conserve the old ways of contempt for anything Liberal and new.
The Space Age. that is what Yuri Gagarin gave humanity. And what a Liberal way to do it, Yuri Gagarin did not charge hundreds of billions of dollars to do so. And Yuri Gagarin did not have to have total contempt for the Parliament of Canada to usher in the Space age for humanity. Nor did Yuri Gagarin have to build artificial lakes that cost millions of hard earned tax dollars to bring humans the age of space.

Its a good thing that Yuri Gagarin’s first space flight was not pro-rouged or we would still today probably be using 8k dial up modems.
Yuri Gagarin; Hero of the Canada revolution. for if Yuri Gagarin was alive and living in Canada who , who do you think he would be voting for?
Probably the Liberals because of their excellent for Canada platform, Mr Ignatieff, their brilliant leader of the Liberal party of Canada, and the fact that the Liberal party of Canada and Mr Ignatieff care about Canada, the people of Canada, and the families of Canada.

The political party Leaders debate today! Hopefully there is a couple of body slams, a few well aimed right jabs and an uppercut  or 6 with a couple of pile drivers would be great to see as the leaders debate contempt, the g8, pro-rouge, mis-use of government money, forged documents, criminal senators, and other such important things that no one likes to see in Ottawa.

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