This weeks election winners and looser….Have you voted yet?

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Have you voted yet? If not why? Lazyness?
Today, Sundays winner of the election battles of the day in the Canada Revolution is the Green party and its leader Elizabeth May! is their web site, where you can read all about their platform and such. The Green party got lots of votes in the last election and has a lot of candidates standing up for Canada.
They tied today with the NDP and Jack Layton who unleashed a 500,000 kg made in Canada bunker buster of a platform that will in all eventuality slam that proverbial last nail in to the coffin of the filed with contempt for Canada cons party. The contempt filled cons have been busy all week digging their own shallow paparazzi haunted political graves. Bringing up Mulroney and the toonie and loonie and GST and free trade and all those horrors of cons from taxed years past. The contempt filled cons finished the day and week worse than last…
It was interesting to see someone go and dig up a former prime minister and rattle his bones in front of the Nation. Isnt grave robbing or umm grave backstabbing a crime? 30 years latter and some can still not get over the fact that the people of Canada would like the people of Canada owning Canada instead of foreign corporations that only care about profit. The People of Canada care about Canada, the trees and forests of Canada and the flowing rivers and the clear still waters of Canada and the multitude of animals and birds and other such life that live in the mighty nation of Canada that the Liberals and Mr Ignatieff are looking to protect for Canada.
At least Mr Ignatieff and the Liberal party of Canada would like the people of Alberta to get at least something for their oil, like Norways does. Norway sells far less gas and oil than Alberta, but their heritage trust fund is a con choking $525 Billion dollars and growing larger. Right now Alberta is just getting debts for its oil………….

Which makes the weeks winners by at least 6 billion reasons the Liberal party of Canada and its leader Mr Ignatieff. The Liberals have shown all week, that they are ready to deal with issues, can make very good decisions for the good of the Country named Canada and that they have a platform that gives to Canada instead of giving to foreign corporations. Mr. Ignatieff just may be moving soon if he keeps up the excellent campaigning and platform points.

I am Dave Dowling and this is my Blog.

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