CONtario or Ontario? CONada or CANada? Todays winners of the Canada revolution

April 9, 2011 at 8:26 am | Posted in elections, Questions, Quotabull | Leave a comment

In 1939, in Germany, its leader, named Hitler thought people should not vote. Bloodbath Kadafi of libya also believes people should not vote, as did the last pharaoh of Egypt! Mobarkah! Or whatever his name is.
It’s an election and the cons contempt filled leader takes the day off! prorogue the day away. Meanwhile in the Canada revolution battle grounds of Ontario the Liberal leader, Mr Ignatieff showed leadership and talked about health care in Canada! Health care is going down the tubes in the cons assault upon public for all health care to privatize it so instead of health care, its profits for foreign owners.

Mr. Ignatieff

Mr Ignatieff and the Liberal party of Canada lobbed a few health cruise missiles into the fray, lambasting the cons so bad and so hard, them contempt filled cons had to paste and copy from the liberal platform into their own!
That is one of the greatest signs of leadership, when they start to copy and paste you, and Mr Ignatieff and the Liberals have shown that they are copied and pasted like leaders everywhere are.
Yoko Ono also got involved with the filled with infringing contempt for peoples copyrights leader of the cons and used the power of copyright to pull an illegal off the net. And Yoko ono does not even live in Canada, nor does she have a Liberal party membership card!
Tsk,s Tsk, the staining of the reputation of Canada, by one who should know better!
The Liberal Leader Mr. Ignatieff is far more connected with people immigrating to Canada as his wife is still waiting for her Canada citizenship, which has probably been delayed by the cons minister of immigration and his draconian policy of stalling, and his parties wretched policy of contempt.

Todays winner of the day, Mr Ignatieff is campaigning like a leader should, talking to the people, boasting about the Liberal party brilliant and good for Alberta and Canada platform and tackling the issues by presenting solutions so excellent the Liberals health care plank is been copied and pasted all over the internet.
The Winner of the week is Mr Ignatieff and the Liberal party of Canada, who look to be ready to be the government of Canada, all it takes is the people of Canada getting out and voting. It is far easier to vote than to spell it.

ITS ELECTION TIME, mon to fri  10 to 5 at your local election Canada riding headquarters you can vote, you do not have to wait until the last day of May 2 to go and vote. you can vote on Mon, tues, wedn, thur, fri!


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