Yes it is true, I was a Candidate for the Marijuana Party….twice!and more on the Canada revolution!

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Con-boy(leader of the federal cons) would have to dress in sackcloth and ashes, kiss the one and only lords ass forevermore, and drastically change his ways and his cons parties ways, and I still would probably not support him; because;

Yes, I Dave Dowling did stand up twice for Canada in two elections against Rahim Jaffer of the cons party. RJ was involved in the cocaine- alcohol-dangerous driving-influence peddling scandel of the moment way back in the past. that scandel broke in the media after I, Dave Dowling stood up for election as a Candidate for the Marijuana Party of Canada, who have an excellent, easy to understand, good for Canada platform. Legalize it.
that would enable the hemp industries to flourish in Canada. Thousands upon thousands of products can be made from hemp. Clothes, paper products, fuel, food, and a slew of other stuff that is good. Fiberboard, furniture, almost everything in your house could be made from Canada grown hemp, but not enough of you voted for the Marijuana Party of Canada Candidates. Instead most of Canada got conned and let a bunch of contempt filled cons run Canada into the ground once again.
So Marijuana is still not legalized, Canada has no hemp industry, and the cons have run Canada into more debt and are wanting to spend $50 Billion or more on prisons and another $50 Billion on bi-winged open cockpit airplanes from the last millennium, instead of investing in Canada and building defenses of the new millenium, this one the one we are are living in.
Conboy-the leader of the cons party, instead wants to lock up your sons and daughters with serial killers and worse over something safer than aspirin. Yes conboy, Hemp is safer than aspirin. Aspirin has actually killed people.
Those billions of dollars of jails conboy wants are not for terrorists, they are for your children. conboy would rather lock up your children, than give them what is righteous and just; legalized hemp.
although yesterdays winner  the NDP did good,
Todays winners of the Canada Revolution are the unknown to most parties. They are Heros that fight the fight without the money nor the support the money brings. Smaller parties there trying their best to help change Canada for the good.
Marginalized and ridiculed by a bought and paid for main media, that either ignores them or trashes them at every opportunity.
  • Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada
  • Canadian Action Party
  • Christian Heritage Party of Canada
  • Communist Party of Canada
  • First Peoples National Party of Canada
  • Libertarian Party of Canada
          Marijuana Party
  • Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada
  • People’s Political Power Party of Canada
  • Pirate Party of Canada
  • Progressive Canadian Party
  • Rhinoceros Party
  • United Party of Canada
  • Western Block Party
  • I am Dave Dowling and this is my blog.



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