Where is the democracy? Or why should someone else spend my money?

April 4, 2011 at 11:15 pm | Posted in elections, Questions, Quotabull | 1 Comment

Democracy is where everyone votes upon everything, and gets $50 if they do 1/2 of their voting, and a $100 credit if they do all their voting! Where is it? Whose offering it? It would only cost a few measly billion to buy some cell phone networks and give everyone a free cell phone  with unlimited everything to vote on. cheaper than bi-planes and jails. Far cheaper than all the taxes that shall have to be stolen from your pockets, for all the tax breaks all the political parties are promising. At least the NDP and Liberal platforms do not thief from your pockets, wallets and purses as much as the cons do and have. They offer ways to spend Your money, instead of ways for you to control how they spend your money.

Democracy puts control of government back in the hands of the people where it truly belongs. Democracy does this and more, for Democracy is the best form of governing there is. This is why most if not all of the political parties lie and show contempt for the whole nation when they lie and say representative government is Democracy because you get to vote every quarter generation or so for your representatives.  They do so for their nefarious plots and such. The lying slop like controlling you. that way they get to tax you and live high on the hog on your money. Of course they like having scandle and sensational media bits, so you forget how they waste your money.Example they get pensions no one else does and more. Democracy is a noble concept that they have twisted so much, that most people today do not even know what Democracy really is.
Democracy is what is needed, worldwide. Democracy solves a lot of problems and mostly stops the totalitarian dictators from limiting the media to 4 pre-screened questions per day. Democracy makes it so pro-rouging is something that only happens when the nation agrees to it. Democracy as you can see makes it so you are the government. Democracy is the bane of totalitarian media control freak dictators, that build jails for those that disagree. Democracy makes it so those totalitarian dictatorships do not exist, representative governments enables that those dictators are they most of the time if not all of the time. I Perfer the Democracy.

Democracy is how government is made to be open, with no secrets. And it is not just Canada that needs this noble things named Democracy. If a Nation is to be considered a leader in Democracy, they better first have it themselves. That is what the Canada revolution is all about in my opinion, Democracy. It may take many elections to get it. I may not live to see it. But it is what is needed and what a revolution should be about, freedom and rights, and such things as Democracy which are not just good for a nation, but good for the people, all of them.

Make sure you get out and vote, that is the Canada way of participating in a Canada revolution. that is all it takes the people getting out and voting, which looks to be a far better way of changing things than how they do it in other parts of the world.

I am Dave Dowling and this is my blog.


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