The Canada Revolution Week two looser and winners!

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The contempt filled leader of the cons and his contempt filled party lost the entire week two of the Canada revolution. the revolutionary bombs were bursting all over the media, burying con after con after con in shallow paparazzi haunted graves of Candidates past.  Can someone found in contempt of Parliament be a Candidate in an election? Is anyone in the media even allowed to ask the contempt filled con leader that question about contempt and elections?

Mr. Ignatieff

The clear winner of week 2 of the Canada Revolution is the Heroic Liberal party and Mr Ignatieff, who showed Canada a Platform made in Canada for Canada worth getting everyone in Canada voting for. The Liberal Platform is there for Canada and spends monies wisely and in far far less amounts than double winged open cockpit fighter planes and jails for those who disagree with the contempt filled ones. hundreds of billions for planes and jails vrs the Liberals reasonable few billion to help out the starving overtaxed families of Canada.
I know what I would be voting for, the families and Canada which is of course the ndp and Liberal parties of Canada.
The ndp and jack Layton finished week two of the Canada Revolution in a solid second place behind the winning party of the second week of the Canada revolution, the Liberal party of Canada and Mr Ignatieff!
Mr Ignatieff is putting Canada and the families of Canada first and foremost in the Liberal party platform, that respects Canada and the families of Canada.
Ignatieff and the Liberals winner of todays election battles and winners of the second week of the Canada revolution! Indeed the Liberal party of Canada platform does more for the families of Quebec than the bloc platform ever will!
Who, who will be the winners of week three of the Canada revolution? With the way things are going it looks like that could very well be Leader of the Liberal party of Canada, Mr Ignatieff and the Liberal party of Canada.

the Revolution has started in Canada, its two weeks on now and the rest is all up to you, get out and vote, tell your family, your friends to get out and vote. Thats how every revolution suceeds, by everyone participating and doing the right thing. and that is how the Canada revolution will suceed by everyone getting out to vote!

you have untill May 2 to do so.

I am Dave Dowling and this is my Blog!


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