Not an April fools joke. Has the Canadian Revolution started?

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Well has it started? the Canadian revolution that is of course? May 2 is when it happens, at the voting booth, where you can vote! Mr Ignatieff seems to be on track for a clean sweep of election week 2, and bringing a revolution to Canada, where the filled with contempt for Canada con party and its totalitarian dictator looks to be backsliding down in the polls, while the Liberal party and its heroic candidates surges upwards in the polls. and it looks as if Aprils foool is the leader of the contempt for Canada con party
The green party and communist party of Canada have done better this week than the filled with contempt cons party of Canada, and its dictator. the filled with contempt con party of Canada and its Pharaoh looks like they puts contempt before the people of Canada, international bankers profits before the people of Canada, foreign armament corporations before the people of Canada, and foreign oil companies before the people of Canada.
Jack Layton of the ndp pointed out how he would tax those multiple billionaires a bit more for Canada.
But the clear winner of yesterday was Mr Ignatieff and the Liberal party of Canada. the Liberals shows how they would be there for Canada, with openness in a government that would be there to care and help. The Liberals have shown how they would be more fiscally smarter, spending for Canada instead of giving taxes away to foreigners running the prisons of Canada, like the filled with contempt for you cons party would!Mr Ignatieff showed how the Liberal party would actually help families now, invest in enviro friendly Canada and would make sure Canada was able to defend itself.
In a one on one, no holds barred UFC rules in the octagon ring, Mr Ignatieff would most likely dispatch the filled with contempt for Canada leader of the filled with contempt for Canada con party, Mr Ignatieff would win! It would be a brutal victory that did not make it past the second round. Mr Ignatieff would walk proudly out of that Octagon, with not a mark upon him while the filled with contempt for you con leader would be bleeding all over the matt, from numerious spots on his all bruised body, feeling like he just got the skin flailed off of him and piked 4 different ways.
The smart money would be betting on Mr. Ignatieff in under 2 rounds, in such a hypothetical contest.
the spectators of such an event would probably be chanting “Ignatieff! Ignatieff! Ignatieff!” so loud it would be heard coast to coast to coast , all across Canada.
and of course with Mr Ignatieffs and the Liberals Daycare plan, most parents would be able to attend the event to witness such a display of leadership by the Liberal Leader, Mr Ignatieff.
Mr Ignatieff, and the Liberals have won week two of the Canada revolution, by already winning 5 of 7 days of week two.
and there is still 2 more days left! 2 days where its will be a rollar coaster of a crushing of the cons if Mr Ignatieff keeps campaigning like the Leader he is! is where you can go and donate and find out more about Mr Ignatieff, their excellent platform and the people to vote for.

I am Dave Dowling and this is my Blog!

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