Mayors prayer breakfast on tues march 29 AND the election

March 30, 2011 at 5:35 am | Posted in edmonton, elections, Quotabull | Leave a comment

I was at the Mayor of Edmonton’s  prayer breakfast yesterday. William Graham, grandson of Billy Graham was the guest speaker, and William talked about Alberta beef and samuels mother from the KJV of the bible and a few other topics, including of course prayer.  I had the privilege of sitting at a table with a few of Edmonton’s finest and Edmonton’s acting chief of police Darryl Dacosta who has served in Edmonton for over 30 years, he joined the Edmonton police force in 1977. although the Liberal leader Mr Michael Ignatieff was not there in person, he was there in spirit I do believe.

Michael Ignatieff the liberal leader did win Tuesdays battle of the Canada election. There was a report of how the old fashioned fighter jets that the cons want to buy could cost $135 Million dollars…per jet! which puts the cost of them up to somewhere between $30 to $50 Billion dollars! And Michael Ignatieff was here and there in the country of Canada campaigning like a leader.

it looks as if Michael Ignatieff is going to be releasing  the liberal platform over the next couple fo weeks. I am sure the liberals would spend the billions a lot more wisely and in Canada.

And along with Linda Duncan and Lewis Cardinal Ray Martin in a candidate for the ndp in Edmonton.


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