I, can not support the cons $60 billion dollar deficit horror show budget!

March 23, 2011 at 12:02 pm | Posted in Alberta, Questions, Quotabull | 2 Comments

The way the cons lie and fudge the numbers, their $30 billion dollar deficit budget, will  just like the jet costs and prison costs, balloon to a horror show of deficit and deceit and probably end up been a $60 billion dollar debt added to that which Canada workers already have to pay. A con is a con is a con, and this budget is a con of a con of a con. $60 Billion more debt for the working Canadaians? corporations once again paying lower taxes than the worker working? As in far lower! Over $30 Billion from the worker working from GST taxes? Flintstone Flatery the deficit debt minister has gotten the barbed whips out to scourge the backs of workers working in Canada!
what a bloodied bill the cons are trying to con upon Alberta. almost $300 billion in expenses, and nothing for the worker working except of course the largest tax bill ever in Canada history! the largest debt in Canada history! All to be paid off by Alberta Oil.
After the oil companies slurp, and the government slurps, what is left will be slurped up by the banks! Yes Alberta Oil goes to the banks and nothing into your pocket. In fact this horror show of a budget takes from your pockets, wallets purses and bank accounts.

Another nothing but contempt for all of Canada budget by the cons, tabled before the house so it can be rejected. the cons want an election, probably because they have a lot of hidden con money ready to exceed the election spending limits once again.

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