Alberta Hellth!

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Alberta Hellth! Hows that for a typoo?  doctors out for themselves, an AMA running amok sending letters to Doctors telling them….

To not sign a medical marijuana form. This has been going on for years in Alberta. Most people go to BC to get a license signed by a doctor. All it takes is a GP signing the form, but Gp’s in Alberta do not sign forms due to government whippings for those who do.

Got Cancer? Denied, Wasting disease? Denied! Chronic pain, denied denied denied! that’s what is happening in Alberta. Politics before Hellth…… I myself have already given up on getting an Alberta doctor, a general practitioner to sign any form for medical marijuana.

apparently Gps are told to reefer people to the pain clinic, as the Alberta government has told gps, they are not allowed to sign medical marijuana forms here in Alberta or they lose their doctorate or something as horrid. At the pain clinic they make you wait 6 months or longer just to see someone…… Who knows nothing about you, like your GP knows about you.

Anyone who has been at the helm of Alberta Hellth since 2000 has been partaking in this horrid abuse of political power.

In Alberta thanks to the con government its always politics before people’s Hellth.

Cons lie, whip people and leave them dying in the streets, because of political beliefs. stelmach you suck!

If you do get a license, then you have to put up with the kevlar clad, uzzi bearing gestapo agents kicking in your doors and hauling you to kangaroo court. I know so because its happening to me.

I am Dave Dowling and this is my Blog!

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