Alberta…..are you stupid?

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Mr. Ignatieff

If he campaigns hard, spends the campaign money very wisely It should be Prime Minister Mr. Ignatieff! If Alberta elects a Liberal or 2, alberta may have something called representation. Alberta and Albertans have no representation in Ottawa at the current moment, and have not had any since Parliament decided to not have a deputy prime minister.

A Deputy Prime Minister representing Alberta was/is/will be far better than a “trying to relive the glory days” ex-pielot squawking about a billion doller fighter jet that will do less than nothing for Alberta and Albertans. Less than nothing is the tax bill for the billion dollar fighter that Ottawa will pay off with Alberta Oil…..
Mr. Ignatieff will do better, For Alberta righty now is doing its worse. when youve bottomed out, the only way is up.

Also less than nothing is the tax bill for all the new prisons to lock up Albertans that the prime minister of Ottawa wants to build… those billions will also be paid by Ottawa with Alberta Oil.

elections are coming Alberta, better wake up and smell the Alberta Oil been sold for less than nothing, by the party currently representing most of Alberta. Your cons. and con is what they have done to Alberta.

I am Dave Dowling and this is my blog!

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