Pharaoh Wen Jiabao is getting ready for his bathtub full of blood to bathe in

March 6, 2011 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Questions | 3 Comments has an article how Pharaoh Wen Jiabao is already putting the police on the streets, shutting down public places and killing the phone lines and internet lines because he is afraid or the jasmine revolution that is already happening.. Pharaoh Wen Jiabao is so scared of the jasmine revolution that is happening, he is spending billions on tear gas, riot shields and other such tools of government , so he can kill lots of innocent People to fill his bathtub full of blood to bathe in.

Pharaoh Wen Jiabao seems to have forgotten that the future Pharaoh of his land is already part of his inner circle….. Just look at Egypt, Tunisia, Lybia etc. the new Pharaoh always knows the old Pharaoh. Pharaoh Wen Jiabao does not let democracy into his lands, freedom of religions, nor does he tolerate opposition political parties. He rumored to have a live organ harvesting system for the rich, when they need a new liver or heart or lungs, another prison has theirs removed, while they are alive. Live internal organ harvesting keeps the organ in prime condition, thereby lessening the chance of organ rejection, in the rich person who has a new liver or lungs or heart or etc.

Pharaoh Wen Jiabao has no min wage laws, has child labourers slaving for profit, and some of the most horrid pollution known to exist on the planet. no wonder the Jasmine revolution is happening, a peaceful revolution where people get out on the streets and walk around, just to show there are more people than government.

Pharaoh Wen Jiabao only seems to respect himself and the concept of greed.

I would imagine the JASMINE REVOLUTION will have the people of China, out in the streets, all of them, walking round wanting Democracy, min wage laws, environmental respect, freedoms and rights and perhaps a New Pharaoh.A Pharaoh that actually cares.  is the official site of the government of Pharaoh Wen Jiabao, another totalitarian dictator is need of some revolutionary spirit, commonly known as the Jasmine revolution.

Pharaoh Wen Jiabao, I am Dave Dowling and this is my Blog!



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  1. Pharaoh Wen Jiabao is getting ready for his bathtub full of blood ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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