will it be Prime Minister Ignatieff?All it takes is an election.

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Ignatieff would probably change the elections laws so Canandaians have better elections before he exceeded campaign contributions. Michael Ignatieff would probably buy Canadaian rather than give billions away elsewhere to defend Canada, and I could see Mr. Ignatieff not leading Quebecers on by promising to contribute to sports facilities and then not.
A totalitarian media release dictator seems to be a trait that Michael does not have, which is good. and I do not believe he would have elected officials forging stuff onto official government documents. Ignatieff has stood up for Canadians again and again and again in the house of commons for things that are good for Canada, I know so from watching him do so again and again.
Mr. Ignatieff has some very competent people around his that would do excellent governing the country for Canada and Canadaians. 

http://www.facebook.com/#!/MichaelIgnatieff?sk=info is Mr. Ignatieff’ facebook page of relevant information about this excellent party leader. On that page you can find out excellent information like how Mr. Ignatieff has been ” a reporter, a newspaper columnist, a human rights teacher and a politician, a good husband and a good father, and if possible, a good friend.” To quote from his facebook page.


Has some more information about Mr. Ignatieff and his political party.

All it takes is an election and its Prime minister Michael Ignatieff!
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