Pharaoh, what is it?

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first off, most that earned the name Pharaoh, respect not the one and only God in heaven. The Pharaoh usually considers the Pharaoh above God. If God were to walk into the country of a Pharaoh, the Pharaoh would probably want God to wash the feet of the Pharaoh, and dry those pharaoh feet with the holy hair of God…

On top of that, as if that was not enough, Pharaohs despise the people and try to rob them of as much as possible. As in rob them of gold as much as possible, freedoms as often as they can, rights, the ear of government, and rob them of liberty and life. All it takes is the people getting uppity and demanding rights and freedoms, democracy and such. Indeed, then the pharaohs guards come to wound, maim and kill the people with pharaohs time honored tools of government, weapons.

thirdly pharaohs like to waste the peoples money, on trips and meetings with other Pharaohs, to discuss new-fangled venom dripping ways to rob the poor, pillage the widow, and loot the childless, steal from the disabled. And of course new-fangled ways to reward the robber barons of the pharaohs court. court as in the godless robber baronsĀ that share the spoils of the prey they prey upon. which is you.

History shows that when enough people get tired of pharaohs, they trade he old one in for a new one, instead of trading in the way they govern themselves for a new way to govern, which is democracy. Democracy is the bane of Pharaohs. Democracy enables open government, and most importantly takes power out of the hand s of the few and puts it back in the hands of the people where it truely belongs.

I am Dave Dowling and this is my Blog.


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