Pharaoh Hu Jintao. Another dictator in a country that needs Democracy!

February 21, 2011 at 12:20 pm | Posted in Questions, Quotabull | Leave a comment is the website of the despots of China. China has no Democracy, no opposition parties, no rights and freedoms guaranteed by a constitution or charter of rights and freedoms! China declared war on a religion, the Tibetan Dali lama! no freedom of religion there. And apparently just talking about democratic reform gets one missing forevermore in China. If anything is ever found it’s probably just an empty bag of skin as all the organs would be harvested for some rich person…

In My Opinion it looks as if the china government like other governments do not respect the people, the environment nor God.

Like the middle east, workers earn a staggering  $2. per day, and have no unions and are basically economic slaves of the system. Just like most people in most countries are, due to representative governments and no real Democracy.
China has been accused of harvesting body organs from people who do not want their innards harvested for anyone!
Ya, China, another place like America  or Canada with no democracy, but lots of representatives that seem to only represent the monied few.

In China the death sentence is common for political opposition members, usually through live organ harvesting or a bullet in the head. China also claims another Nation is its territory, has never resolved its disputed borders with India, and in its northwest province of xiaxing, China kills muslims and stomps upon their freedoms and rights.

China unfortunately has a bunch of weak willed, weak kneed people that love a totalitarian regime beating them to the ground, so their internal body organs can be harvested for the rich. that seems to be what the people of China want, have and like a lot. If not I am sure they would have done something about it. China had one person once who did something for all of China, his name was Mao. Too Bad the Chinese people have forgot him, and what he fought for; freedom and rights.

Jasmine revolution, how about just import some brave Egyptians and Tunisians. they are so brave, China would only need about 10 of them to give the people something good.

Censored internet, the great firewall, bullets to the back of the head, rampant pollution in the name of corruption, and on and on, just like a lot of places in the world today.

 have no doubt, Pharaoh Hu Jintao and his council, will unplug the internet, phones and tvs, and put troops on the steets to wound, maim and kill the people if the people get uppity and start demanding rights and freedoms and democracy in government. After all, just like all the other despots around the world, he is a Pharaoh.


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