the Pharaoh of Canada!

February 12, 2011 at 1:29 am | Posted in Questions | Leave a comment

Indeed, more jails to be privatized, draconian crime bills,  demented doctored documents by elected ministers, the brutal police state mentality G20 assault on the people, the totalitarian control of what anyone in government says, the wretched wasteful spending on signs and trips and caviar, the non-Canadian $100 billion dollar airplane deal, the dictorial Prorouging of parliament, harmful to the loonie largest deficit ever and on it goes. There should be some more sensationalism to make you forget about all that the Pharaoh of Canada does in your name, for you to you!

The Pharaoh of Canada is very glad and happy Canadians are not like those uppity Tunisians or partying in the streets Egyptians that stood together and traded their pharaoh in!

Democracy, real Democracy solves a lot of problems.


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