Democracy in Canada?

February 9, 2011 at 9:39 pm | Posted in Questions, Quotabull | Leave a comment

Your government does not want you having democracy it takes power out of their hands and puts it in your hands.
No Democracy, it is not there. Canada has representative government from coast to coast to coast. Representative governments give Canada what Canada has. lowest corporate taxes, highest personal income tax and ever so much more. What Canada and the rest of the world needs, is Democracy.

Democracy is what is needed to reign in the running amok after the election governments we now have.
Democracy is different from representative government that we now have. One can google the major political parties in Canada and see that none of them embrace the concept of democracy and instead just want more of the same and argue over how they will mis-pspend your tax dollars. that’s representative government. Representative government gives the world the totalitarian dictators that seem to spring up everywhere, even in Canada. Pro-rouged says it all. cbc, ctv, sun all of the, even al jazeera do not ever mention democracy as it really is. instead they continually lie and say representative government is democracy, which is nowhere near been.

Was thee any difference between the g20 protests and Egypt in the way the governments treated the protesters??

Your government does not want you having democracy, it takes power out of their hands and puts it in your hands. Thats the real reason we do not have democracy, control. representative governments try to control the people. In a Democracy the people control the government and enjoy rights and freedoms forevermore……


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