Democracy and freedom of speech!

January 29, 2011 at 10:53 am | Posted in Quotabull | Leave a comment

I have had on my web site for months how the world needs more democracy, for democracy  is a good and glorious thing. The world can see such in egypt, tunisia and other such places where the people demand democracy.
Unfortuantly even in the wiki leaks case and my political discrimination case the governments of tyranny and despoits and even the
Canadian government stiffle free speech. Me, a media ban is imposed, wikileaks, we all saw whatg happened as company after company denied them services even though no one at wiki leaks had been convicted of any charge anywhere!

And in Egypt and elsewhere like China we see how the governments have no respect whatsoever for freedom of speech.As they censor and block and unplug the internet on the people.

Down with the totalitarian Dictators that have no respect for basic human rights or the people. Forward with democracy that puts control of the governments back into the hands of the people where it always has and will belong.

I am Dave Dowling and this is my Blog!


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