cornspiracy, may be the biggest conspiracy of all times!

January 19, 2011 at 3:42 pm | Posted in Questions | Leave a comment

Europe, Africa, the middle east , asia and australia did not have Corn untill After Columbus, after 1500 AD……
why is corn , a new world food crop mentioned in the King james Version of the Bible? Israel and in fact the rest of the old world did not have Corn untill after 1500 AD!!!!
what is the plant they lie about and deceive with the name called “corn”?? What plant has “ears” of seeds, and grew in arid lands around 1000 BC to 31 AD?

It sure the heck was not “Corn!” Why did King james have the scribes lie to the people and deceive them? Why is this cornspiracy still continuing today?

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