Prime Minister of Canada agrees with Dave Dowling!!!!!! then beats mayor of Edmonton up in public for the whole world to see!

November 23, 2010 at 12:57 pm | Posted in Alberta, Questions | Leave a comment

You may not remember but back in Sept-Oct of 2010, I Dave Dowling was campaigning to be Mayor of Edmonton! One of the campaign items people asked me about was of course; Expo, and Edmontons bid to host it. Way back them I was saying how Business should pay for it as business is who makes all the money off of it. I was pointing out how the overtaxed taxpayers of Edmonton could not really afford it.I, Dave Dowling was a pointing out how people on fixed incomes would starve because of all the tax money been poured into EXPO!

A financial white elephant legacy project that Edmonton did not need in any way shape or form is what I was calling Expo. A do nothing party that would only raise taxes for those who needed them lowered! Unless of course, business paid the bills for all of it. Then I, Dave Dowling would support Expo been in Edmonton!

This week the Prime Minister of Canada showed why you should become an Alberta Bloc member. The Prime Minister of Canada went and took Edmonton for granted, cancelled Expo, did not even try to get corporations to finance it, and told all of Edmonton “your a hick town, just keep voting my party in and we will continue to ignore Edmonton and take all the money from it that we can!

Yes, the prime minister of Canada cancelled Expo in such a mean spirited way that the Mayor of Edmonton had a hissy fit in front of the tv cameras! The Prime Minister all by himself did raise anger against the east in Alberta by at least 10%. People are talking seperation, the country of Alberta, which city should be the capital of this new nation, how much we would all have in our banks if we seperated, the amount of oil money that flows east and south.

All been raised on the Alberta Bloc web site! which is what the Mayor of Edmonton would be telling you to visit if he actually supported Edmonton and Alberta. 

I am Dave Dowling and this is my Blog.


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