25 attack planes for $20 billion, What will they defend other than corporate profits?

November 22, 2010 at 1:50 pm | Posted in Questions | Leave a comment

Elect Mayor DowlingEvery other country in the world is going missles to defend ones airspace. North Korea, japan, china, iran, Israel, Russia, America, etc, etc, etc. America has stealth fighter attack craft, and pilot-less drone aircraft.
Yet our Canada government has decided to go with….. a hundred year old concept of fighter aircraft! And they are not built in Canada, like the avro arrow was.  it is said those f-whatevers will cost $16 Billion. Buffalo crap! Most anything the government says it will cost ends up being over the price they said. With a 20% government buffalo pie buffer zone, it easily adds up to $20 billion dollars!

that $20 Billion could have been spent far wiser and far better. Anti-aircraft missle systems, ground based lasers, ground based electromagnetic rail guns, orbital defence platforms, Diplomacy! All would have defended Canada far better than the f-whatevers.

$20 billion, that is enough to build a cape canaveral and launch our own made in Alberta spacecraft to defend the borders of Canada! $20 Billion is probably enough money to solve homeless and hungryness in Canada. $20 Billion would be enough to hire 3 more assistants for the prime minister at the bloated salaries they all get! $20 Billion is enough to host the next G-20 meetings with artificial lakes, unprecidented security and trompooling of peoples rights and freedoms.

$20 Billion is more than enough to start a made in Canada rocket defence factory, when N. korea can do so with its small territory, limited resources and international sanctions!

$20 Billion! Those $20 Billion  f-whatevers would do ever so little against 500 North Korea missles heading our way wouldn’t they! Those $20 Billion dollar f-whatevers will do ever so little against a terrorist trying to blow up Ottawa. In Fact those $20 Billion f-whatevers that we will not get for y e a r s will do nothing at all against a missle launch from anywhere aimed at Canada! Ditto for what they will not do to a terrorist hell bent on wreaking any part of Canada!

If Canada’s army was 100,000 troops strong, which it isn’t, it’s far less than that. If it was 100,000 troops strong, dividing that $20 Billion equally amongst those troops over 20 years would be a bonus of $10,000.00 per troop per year FOR 20 YEARS! Or one lump sum of $200,000.00 per person in the Canada army!

Ask those in the army, the privates, corporals etc, those on the ground doing it. ask them where that money should go. ask them if they should have $10,000.00 per year for 20 years to upgrade the ground forces or……25 aircraft…….

Can you spell ASS, because that sure seams to be where this government has it’s head, when it comes to defending Canada and the borders of Canada.

My name is Dave Dowling and this is my blog.

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