National Air defence. We need to do more than protect foreign corporations profits!

November 20, 2010 at 9:24 pm | Posted in Questions | 2 Comments

Pfffft is what I say about the f-whatevers that are going to cost $20 billion or more. They may as well get some 1920 2 winged craft! At lest the 1920 models are less expensive and get better gas milage!

Where is the orbital missle platforms? where is the massive amounts of anti aircraft missles like america, russia, israel and iran have? 25 or so aircraft, built by someone else, to defend the second largest country in the world? Fleets of 1959 Made in Canada avro arrows would defend the airspace of the second largest country better and far far cheeper.

Where is the nano-aircraft? A Nano sized avro arrow could probably be built at a cost of ten billion for $1.99 in parts once the factory was set up. A nano-aircraft production factory would probably be ……nano sized, and able to pump out billions of them. Land based lasers, where are those to defend our airspace? Land based particle beams to defend our borders, where are they? Or plasma Cannons like they have at cern, which can shoot a 60 pound projectile of plasma at almost the speed of light, those would be handy for taking out enemy satillites. Vacume derigibles can get up to low earth orbit, where is Canada’s to defend our borders? Where are the made in Canada shoulder launched missles for our troops to defend  the borders of Canada? where? Do we even have one measley small electromagnetic rail gun to defend the airspace of Canada, the second largest country in the world?

About the only thing those jets for 20 billion dollars are protecting is the profits of some foreign corporation! The government would be better off buying my jet,
I’ve told some of the media about my Jet, and if they do not want to inform you, well that is up to them. My jet is In My Opinion the best in the world, and I may have the biggest!


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  1. I think its important that all Canadians understand that those 1959 Avro Arrows would still be outperforming many of those 2011 F’ing planes you refer to. No long brain drain game about how Canada led the world in aviation and a host of other high technology sectors in 1959. You won’t hear me ranting about how the Canadian Government, once again, let a single foreign power dictate domestic policy. I promise also not to mention that yes it was Canadians (legend has it -pillaged and plundered from Northern Raids) that put a man on the moon. Ahhhh to be Canadian.

    So your $1.99 nano jets sound way kewl! Love to see a demo over a few cold beers. Perhaps some obscure webcrawler pick this up and you will get an offer via email. I’m sure their are some companies (none that I know of in Canada) that would be only happy to throw a few hundred million your way. I heard recently that in this world of ours today, one country, spends more in one year on ways to kill people than it would cost to feed the worlds hungry.

    The issue is that warfare drives innovation because people are motivated to win. Losing a contract, losing a customer or losing your job, while all unpleasant, compare naught to losing the war. It’s simple to understand why war is the #1 driving force behind such powerful technological innovations. Couple that with corporations, not governments, running the show and POOF. Now we have an indispensable war machine of critical importance to global financial stability. Think about it!

    So what to do. Lets all view hunger, curable disease, lack of education, lack of clean water as the real enemy. Lets get angry at them and not let our media convince us otherwise. Challenge is that won’t happen with suits calling the shots as there ain’t no money in any of the above because those countries are broke. You will always find the suits, just like bees at honey, congregating with the money system which is only designed to make more money. If they can just go POOF and create $600 billion out of thin air then why can’t we have Nano Arrow’s?

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