Big vote today in the usa.

November 2, 2010 at 12:01 pm | Posted in Quotabull | Leave a comment

Apperantly over $3 Billion has been spent in the usa on their elections. 3Billion/200million people is equal to $15 per person! Yes indeed, $15 per person. this cost goes up to $30 per person if only 100 million people vote. $3 billion is a large stack of money that could have been spent on more worthy issues rather than signs and media adds. 
 The prediction is that the two political parties spending the most will sweep over 95% of the polls.
Even though most people don’t know what the candidates stand on the issues is…

Representative Democracy can be improved. It is called Democracy. Democracy is where everyone votes on all the legislation. thats everyone would vote on the elected wages, the contracts they tender, their expense accounts, the budgets, the legislation, everything. that is what Democracy is. the technology is here to implement Democracy, and this technology has been here for decades.
Democracy is not a new concept, Plato and others were talking about it thousands of years ago.

Ask the candidates, ask the elected, ask yourself why the governments have no Democracy, but lots of expensive representatives……And if your in America, get out and VOTE.


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