“I don’t think elections should be about who raises the most money.”

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Quote is from Dave Dowling in the article http://www.edmontonsun.com/news/edmontonvotes/2010/10/21/15780641.html#/news/edmontonvotes/2010/10/21/pf-15780641.html

And that is how elections are decided, by who raises the most money to spend in the media…..
It’s been that way in the last 20 or so elections. In all of them over 90% of the time, them that spend the most win.
FACT this last civic election in EdmontonMayorship race.
winner spent the most guesstimate over                               $500,000.00
2nd place spent the second most guesstimate over          $100,000.00
3rd spent the third most  candidates own words        $20,000.00 to $25,000.00
4th spent the 4th most Candidates own words  around   $10,000.00
5th Dave Dowling who spent only                                                 $ 12.60

Now this is a sad fact for Democracy. Our 500 year old system is only giving the city the best fund raiser…. this is why there is problems, and why taxes always go up, its all  those winners know, how to get money…… which is probably why one Candidate in that election was accusing others of platform theft. I saw that myself as my pltform idea of Democracy was stolen again and again and again. but that I consider a good thing as we need more people talking about Democracy and more of that thing named Democracy itself.


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