The speech that was so excellent they stooped and unplugged the microphone

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What side of the fence are you on?

Steven Hawkings has been in the news recently, and no matter what Hawkings says, I would like to thank god, my parents and the city of Edmonton for the chance to stand in this election. I am going to talk about democracy. I, Dave Dowling say “the cost and security arguments are bogus propaganda…” I Dave Dowling say, and you can quote me on the following “Democracy is where everyone votes on all legislation. The technology is here, it can be done. $5 billion for a trade fair, but a system for real democracy is too expensive? People argue that they have no control over government once they are elected in. Democracy solves this issue. $3 billion for fast tracked lrt, but implementing a system of real Democracy is too expensive? Bull. I am calling them on it. We can have democracy, we need democracy, democracy is good. Democracy is far superior to Representative democracy that gives cities singing garbage cans, $11,000 raises for council members, the selling off of prime capital assets like Epcor, EdTel, the airport etc, etc, etc.
Democracy gives you more voting power. Democracy gives you a say. Democracy is what is needed to make sure governments do not run amok once they are elected. Democracy is a great and noble concept that embraces all that is good and excellent in a City. Democracy is far better than what we have now.
Democracy is affordable, cost effective and the best form of Government there is. Democracy scares some, for it takes the power away from them and puts it back in the hands of the people where it has and always will  righteously belong. Democracy can be implemented, in a cost effective way that restores integrity to government, and the only thing that one can argue against it is the negative opinionated fear mongering of a vested few, who do not want you having it.
Democracy makes it so people take interest and vote and participate, which is what is missing and needed. Democracy solves this issue. Democracy makes it so singing garbage cans are voted upon. Democracy makes it so elected officials wages are voted upon. Democracy makes it so elected officials have to be responsible for what they ask of the people. Democracy makes it so that is what elected officials have to do; ask the people. Democracy rids one of totalitarian dictatorships that forget the voter once the election is over. Democracy is what Plato wrote about, and Plato himself would probable agree, that we could and can and should implement Democracy as soon as possible.
Stocks are bought online, banking is done online, products are bought online, candidates campaign online, mail is transmitted online, schooling can be done online, etc, etc, etc. A Safe secure system, with password protected, chip serial number registered cell phone, with video ID verification. a cell phone is only $100, lets say $300 for arguments sake. 300 times one million people in Edmonton is only 300 million. 1/10 the cost of fast tracked LRT. Now a secure, not connected to any other network, Wireless system with central hardware for the cell phones to work with, where the votes are tallied. Let us say one billion dollars for such a system. It is still under the cost of fast tracked LRT.Add in a $50 tax credit per year for those that Vote, nothing for the non-voter, or partial voter. it is still far under the cost of fast tracked lrt. Why do all levels of government not want you having more voting power, called Democracy? Why? Ask yourself, ask the candidates why?
I am Dave Dowling and I am a Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton. On my website, I have some good excellent solutions for poverty and the environment and other issues I Dave Dowling consider important. But the media appears to have you all trained to focus on the Airport issue. So, I Dave Dowling am going to start with the Airport issue. I Dave Dowling have no idea why council voted to have no airport. . . Leduc does excellent with their airport. . . It looks as if the media has everyone believing there is only 2 options. Keep the downtown airport, which I mostly support , redevelop the downtown airport in a money grab. There is a third option. The Dave Dowling option. Build a new airport. Slowly turn ours into a large park to commemorate  all the history there, and to respect the environment with less urban sprawl. I Dave Dowling know this is a plan that respects all sides of the issue and more as it should.  And it is something that is in the best interests of all of Edmonton and indeed Alberta and Canada and beyond.
I have campaigned on twenty dollars to show Fiscal respect, integrity, prudence and fiscal responsibility is what I Dave Dowling have now been talking about for 3 civic elections. I Dave Dowling suppose, because you are busy with other things in life,  the hundreds of thousands of dollars of glossy adds in the various media with all the bells and whistles are more interesting for all of you. I Dave Dowling have proposed always that core services should come first, then issues like poverty, the environment and after all that , then the white elephant legacy projects. This is why my 10 billion dollar vision page on my web site  has the federal and province governments helping out if you do not like clean waters, good air quality, good schools and libraries and stuff like that.
I Dave Dowling believe any city cost over a certain amount of money that is non-core services, or a city owned item over a certain amount been sold should be put to a vote, with clear questions. This would possibly help eliminate waste, and the selling off of prime city owned assets, and give you more voting power not less.
For less voting power seams to be what some want you to have, instead of more voting power, like I , Dave Dowling have always proposed. I Dave Dowling have proposed internet voting before. I Dave Dowling have continuously said that we need more democratic reform in all directions. Polls open longer, at better locations, and even an image of the candidate on the ballot. Better candidate financing laws, with more realistic donation levels and spending levels. Equal media access for candidates, with notice if it is a paid add, is some of the democratic reform I Dave Dowling believe in. For the elected are there to serve you the people.
Free bus passes, help for fixed income people, help with housing, less taxes  are all things I Dave Dowling have consistently  proposed, and it is good to see other candidates having similar proposals in their platforms.  Hard work can pay off, even if one is not elected. Nor does one need hundreds of thousands of dollars. All one needs is the skills of a leader ready to serve. Which include working with a majority of 12 other councilors to do anything for the you the people. That is why you are here. It is election time where we get  to elect school board trustees, councilors and one Mayor. I Dave Dowling am 50 years old and ready to be your Mayor Edmonton.
I, Dave Dowling have been  enviro-vision campaigning, like a leader by not asking for monetary donations, nor killing the environment with elections signs that end up in landfills  Like a leader, I, Dave Dowling am using a web blog as a campaign headquarters thereby respecting the environment. I, Dave Dowling know my platform is an excellent source of enviro-vision leadership that all of Edmonton would benefit from. I, Dave Dowling know information is important, so there is lots of it at my web site, and it has been there for a while, like a leader standing up for election should have. Edmonton needs change for the better, pollution, poverty, loss of natural environment, and other pressing issues all need people like me Dave Dowling who understand and can work with others to help solve issues like leaders should. October 18 is the last chance to vote for 3 more long years. For a public servant you know you can trust, Elect Mayor Dowling, Monday October 18


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  1. It? s the first time I have heard that in Macedonia, obits are an unusual observe. You have wonderfully written the post. I have liked your way of writing this. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.
    Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

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