The final Rant on Ross sheppard Forum, and some other stuff.

October 16, 2010 at 8:06 am | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, Questions | 2 Comments

I was not at the Ross Sheppard Forum , because the organizers decided to not invite me and the majority of the other Mayor Candidates. I have no idea why they discriminated in such a way.

Flashback Election 2007. Media discriminates, calls 8 Candidates horrid names threw the whole election. at one forum, a candidate is literally thrown off the podium, even though no law was broken by the candidate. Election night, Dave Dowling was 3rd, not one media announced it.

 This is why certain media did not announce Why Dave Dowling did not appear on them this election for an interview. they do not want you knowing how horrid they can be.
The Edmonton sun is an excellent media. The other paper, they still discriminate, did so this whole election. Today they are telling you how you should vote instead of letting you make your decision of who to vote for, which is what Democracy is all about. . .Where you decide….



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