Sunday October 10, 2010 or the month with 10/10/10 and 5 Fridays, Sundays, Saturdays

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Happy Thanksgiving Election Trivia.
This Election has the date 10/10/10 during it, Today, when I Dave Dowling wrote this. Also this month has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays, with October 31, Halloween
falling on the 5th and last of the month Sunday! Last Mayor of Edmonton Election in 2007, I Dave Dowling was 3rd, this is the 3rd election where I have stood for Mayor of Edmonton and Strangely enough, I Dave Dowling happen to be in the 3rd spot on the ballot, a 3/3/3! to go along with the triple 5s and triple tens.
Now there is some numbers for the bean counter and high density property developer to toss around!
I did a fair bit of responsible Fiscal   Campaigning around town this week, a few media interviews, and yes that is me out there on the buses and LRT’s and sidewalks all over town doing my best to get you all out voting. responsible Fiscal  campaigning is spending less than $20. Irresponsible would be asking your people for gobs of money to waste on signs that end up in landfills and say nothing adds in the media.

It looks once again in this Election like in the previous election that there is a couple of fiscally irresponsible Candidates for Mayor wanting all your money for putting up so many enviro-killer signs, Edmonton may need a new landfill just for the signs, bus adds, billboards and such after the election. Tsk, tsk. It also looks as if the same candidates are wanting the rest of your money to waste in a fight to see who can give the media the most money to CONvince you into casting your vote away to them, instead of Electing a Mayor you can trust Dave Dowling.

Democracy is what is needed to bring back control of Government to the people. Democracy where all sides are respected on the issues put to votes, and where the taxpayer is respected in a budget they vote upon. We need real Democracy, not one issue democracy like a bean counter wants. Real Democracy, where you do the voting that counts, the sooner the better you and Edmonton will be.


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