Democracy. Is it too expensive?

October 2, 2010 at 10:45 am | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, Questions, Uncategorized | 2 Comments

What side of the fence are you on?

I, Dave Dowling say “the cost and security arguments are bogus propaganda…” I Dave Dowling say, and you can quote me on the following “Democracy is where everyone votes on all legislation. The technology is here, it can be done. $5 billion for a trade fair, but a system for real democracy is too expensive? People argue that they have no control over government once they are elected in. Democracy solves this issue. $3 billion for fast tracked lrt, but implementing a system of real Democracy is too expensive? Bull. I am calling them on it. We can have democracy, we need democracy, democracy is good. Democracy is far superior to Representative democracy that gives cities singing garbage cans, $11,000 raises for council members, the selling off of prime capital assets like Epcor, EdTel, the airport etc, etc, etc.
Democracy gives you more voting power. Democracy gives you a say. Democracy is what is needed to make sure governments do not run amok once they are elected. Democracy is a great and noble concept that embraces all that is good and excellent in a City. Democracy is far better than what we have now.

Democracy is affordable, cost effective and the best form of Government there is. Democracy scares some, for it takes the power away from them and puts it back in the hands of the people where it has and always will  righteously belong. Democracy can be implemented, in a cost effective way that restores integrity to government, and the only thing that one can argue against it is the negative opinionated fear mongering of a vested few, who do not want you having it. Democracy is not just what Edmonton needs, Democracy is what the world needs. The sooner, the better off all will be.

Democracy makes it so people take interest and vote and participate, which is what is missing and needed. Democracy solves this issue. Democracy makes it so singing garbage cans are voted upon. Democracy makes it so elected officials wages are voted upon. Democracy makes it so elected officials have to be responsible for what they ask of the people. Democracy makes it so that is what elected officials have to do; ask the people. Democracy rids one of totalitarian dictatorships that forget the voter once the election is over. Democracy is what Plato wrote about, and Plato himself would probable agree, that we could and can and should implement Democracy as soon as possible.

Democracy is where all are equal and have rights and freedoms, and discrimination is but a word of the past. Democracy, real Democracy is what we should of had 40 years ago. When the phone was in over 90 percent of houses.

Stocks are bought online, banking is done online, products are bought online, candidates campaign online, mail is transmitted online, schooling can be done online, etc, etc, etc.

A Safe secure system, with password protected, chip serial number registered cell phone, with video ID verification. a cell phone is only $100, lets say $300 for arguments sake. 300 times one million people in Edmonton is only 300 million. 1/10 the cost of fast tracked LRT. Now a secure, not connected to any other network, Wireless system with central hardware for the cell phones to work with, where the votes are tallied. Let us say one billion dollars. it is still under the cost of fast tracked LRT.

Add in a $50 tax credit per year for those that Vote, nothing for the non-voter, or partial voter. it is still far under the cost of fast tracked lrt.

Why do all levels of government not want you having more voting power, called Democracy? Why? Ask yourself, ask the candidates why?

the cost and security arguments are bogus propaganda.. .

-everyone votes on all important legislation.
-time delay on vote so people have time to think about the question.
-easy to understand questions.
-at least 3 choices for each question.
-choices of yes, no, alternate choice, none.
-Questions put to vote by elected reps.
-do your voting=$50 per year”

Representative democracy makes it so October 18 is your last chance to vote for 3 long years.



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  1. how are you!This was a really fabulous post!
    I come from roma, I was luck to come cross your theme in yahoo
    Also I learn a lot in your blog really thank your very much i will come again

  2. Thanks very much, and enjoy your visits here.

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