Wed Sept 29

September 30, 2010 at 12:09 am | Posted in edmonton, Questions | 4 Comments

advance voting at city hall

Today on Wednesday, I Dave Dowling was out Campaigning in the west end, I did an interview at CTV, where I met
Duane Good Striker, Candidate for ward 8. He had some excellent ideas on a world fair,  have industry pay for it.
figures of around 5 billion from the taxpayers pockets for a party where industry makes all the profit  is a bit excessive. After that interview and excellent chat with Duane, I was off for more Campaigning in the west end, downtown, and the south side, where I attended the NexGen candidate forum at the SUB building on the University Campus.
More Campaigning, then some emails that got me thinking about Epcor.

Epcor, would Epcor have been sold if it was put to a plebisite? I do not think so. Plebisites should be held on everything, that is what Democracy is. Democracy like Plato and such wrote about. Representative Democracy gives us what we have. Airports been sold, epcor been sold, Ed Tel been sold, what is next?

Oct 18, last chance to vote for 3 long years.



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  2. Bonar’s too young, Dorward’s too conflicted, Lineker’s too simple… Dowling’s JUST RIGHT!

    I’m glad to hear you spoke with Duane – he’s a friend of a friend of mine, and electing him to Ward 8 is “good thinking!”

    Anyway, I think you’re the obvious choice for mayor, so don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything I can do for your campaign!

    Nice blog! Nice aviators! Save our city Dave!

    • Well thanks, glad to see someone is checking out us Candidates and coming to the proper conclusion 🙂

      Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton Oct 18 2010

  3. Merry Christmas David . Are you going to be going back into the dust storm next year? Frost

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