10 billion, it’s already there, I say spend it wisely instead of wasting it.

September 24, 2010 at 6:07 pm | Posted in edmonton, Questions | Leave a comment

1/2 year to get it right.

What the current Mayor has already said is available:

1 to 3 billion? to clean up and divvy up the airport.
3 billion already budgeted for fast tracked lrt
2 to 3 billion expo bid
1/2 billion downtown arena
gas tax transfer over a few years
Provincial transfers
Federal Transfers

My 10 billion dollar Vision page is totally feasable and the money is already there according to the current Mayor. it only needs to be redirected to proper stuff that a city needs.
like upgraded libraries and schools. less polluted air and less sewage in the river. A city where there is low cost housing and such for those who need it. Take a look at the $ Ten Billion Dollar Vision page, it has been up for months, like this web site, that certain media still can not figure out how to link to. . . .

Which is why schools are important, some of those media need to learn how to google, and insert web links onto text. they have had a decade to learn how and still can not get it right. With lots of Education, people can google the information, learn how to make a web link, I have, and I did it on my own, thanks to been educated in the Edmonton public school system.
If  like some do, and you do not believe that schools or libraries are important, just ask any parent with a child going to one.

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