Tuesday Sept 21

September 21, 2010 at 8:44 pm | Posted in edmonton | 3 Comments

Today, I was downtown, on the south side near the top of conners road and over at southgate and up in Riverbend for a bit of campaigning. You may of seen me carrying my clipboard around in these areas today.
While campaigning today, A few people asked me what about poverty? to which I told them about my vision of putting a billion dollars into low cost housing owned by the food bank so the small profits can go towards stocking their shelfs every month.

Too many in Edmonton live from paycheck to paycheck. which is one of the reasons why I , Dave Dowling AM NOT ACCEPTING MONETARY DONATIONS. If you wish to donate to a worthy cause http://edmontonfoodbank.ca/ check out this link, they do good things, they help feed people. http://edmontonfoodbank.ca/ is a great place to donate at if you wish to donate money to a good cause.

I am Dave Dowling, and I am a Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton. Monday October 18 is your last chance to vote for 3 more long years.



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  1. Hello Mr. Dowling. I am a low income, AISH client, who is unable to work, due to my medical condition. Out of all of the people running for Mayor, you are the only one, who is saying, that he will look out, for the poverty stricken people in Edmonton. My question to you, is this, What is your plan, to help the people of Edmonton, who have to choose between rent/power & water/ or food every month? and are you willing to fight, to have single parent AISH clients children covered, on the subsidized monthly transit passes, as this is a big expense, for us AISH clients, who are unable to drive, but need transportation, or are you going to be like our present Mayor, and just say “I am sorry, that you are facing a hard time.” . I look forward to your response, as I am sure, anyone who is in this situation is. Have a great day

  2. “I am sorry, that you are facing a hard time.” is a mean spirited comment I would never make to someone.

    I believe bus passes should be free or as close to free as possible for those on fixed incomes or below the poverty line.
    there is a lot of seniors on fixed incomes and a lot of working people who earn poverty wages, who also need transportation.

    This is why public transportation should remain public and never be privatized, when it is public, the only cost to provide someone with a free bus pass is printing it, and making sure they get it, which if done right is not all that much money.

    Anyone who disagrees is just been mean.

  3. Thank you so much, for the response to the bus pass issue. Your answer, to this problem is just what the city needs. Poverty is a big problem, that to many polititians, just want to sweep under the rug, and so many of us, living below poverty, are tired of losing the fight, because of responses that we get about our concerns, like the one from our current Mayor.
    Could you please respond to the other question I have asked, about how you plan to help, those, that have to choose what to pay every month. As this alone, is a big issue for so many in Edmonton. Yes, you have stated, that you will allow more funds for the food banks, but when you are living below poverty, and have to choose between, what is paid, and decide to use the food banks, a family of 2, such as myself, is given a very small amount of food, from them, and when we can only use this resource once a month, we still end up going hungery, for a few weeks a month.. I myself, have gone without eating, for days at a time, just so my daughter, would have food..
    I am sure, if you bring up, theses issues during your campaign, you will get the votes you need, to bring a positive change to this city, as so many live below poverty.. Many of us, would rather have this problem solved, then hear about the downtown airport, or LRT.
    Thank you again, for your time.

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