Sunday September 19, 2010

September 19, 2010 at 12:26 pm | Posted in edmonton | 2 Comments

Make sure you vote

You better Vote or the democracy clause will give you. . . someone.

Twas the day before nomination day, and all the Candidates were tweaking their web sites, informing the Facebook contacts, doing those last-minute visits and chores and making sure the election signs were clean and spelt right and ready to pollute the landscape!
The voters, the overcharged taxpayers, the loyal supporters were all waiting to see, which Candidates could jump the highest , jump through the most hoops and mostly to see if there was any triple backflips with 720 degree twists while those candidates  jumped as high and through as many hoops as they could.
To vote, is not a job for there is no pay. To vote, is not a vacation, for it is almost like work. To vote is something some like and some hate. To vote is mandatory is some parts of the world, and in other parts, it is just a dream, like freedom and rights.

To Vote, is to participate. To vote is to be deemed worthy of claiming to be in a Democracy. To vote is how we choose those who will serve us in Government as our representative. That is what to vote is all about here in Edmonton. Make sure you vote, even if you can not Elect Mayor Dowling.
After October 18, it will be 3 more long years before you get the chance to vote again.



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