Monday it will all be official.

September 17, 2010 at 10:04 am | Posted in edmonton, Questions | Leave a comment

On Monday sept 20, the official nomination day at city hall, Dave Dowling will be there to register as a Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton.
The four fringe Candidates will be there. 1 wants a city with no airport, still has no web site, 2 wantsd 500 more police, but has a fairly good web site. Fringer # 3 we are not sure, maybe it will be clarified on monday, and fringe candidate #4 whose name is rather similar to mine seams to be a one issue fringer concerned about only keeping the airport open, with nothing on his web site.
There is more issues than an airport. Poverty been one, cleaning the streets in winter another and the environment.
Mayor Candidate Dowling enviro-vision : Close the airport, turn it into a big park, build a new airport in ward 1 or ward 2 or ward 4. Issue solved. redevelop the quarters area of downtown into the enviro-pie in the sky high density dwelling area.

Then we can all learn what those fringers have to say about poverty, the environment, the homeless, the starving, the overburdened taxpayer, and core services. Fringers usually have no substance and rely on expensive adds in big media to con you into believing they have something to offer. Which is higher taxes, less representation and other such horrors. Just look at what 9 years of one has done to the city.

This election, do not let the media do your thinking for you. Think for yourself, visit the web sites and Elect Mayor Dowling! A non-fringe Candidate.


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