Are you Ready?

September 16, 2010 at 11:41 am | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, Questions | 1 Comment

Is 9 years enough? Not enough done on certain issues? more than enough done on non-issues? Had enough?Have your taxes gone up enough? Did you know that after October 18 it will 3 more long years untill you get to cast another vote? Dave Dowling is 50 years old and ready to be your Mayor. Dave Dowling is enviro-vision campaigning, by not asking for monetary donations, nor killing the environment with elections signs that end up in landfills like a leader should. Dave Dowling is using this web blog as a campaign headquarters thereby respecting the environment like a leader. Dave Dowling’s Ten billion dollar vision page is an excellent source of enviro-vision leadership that Edmonton would benefit from. Dave Dowling also knows that poverty and cores services are always pressing issues and constantly need government attention from all levels of governments like leaders should know. Dave Dowling knows information is important, so there is lots of it here at this web site like a leader standing up for election should have. Edmonton and the rest of the world needs change for the better, global warming, poverty, loss of natural environment, and other pressing issues all need people who understand and can work with others to help solve issues like leaders should.
Dave Dowling also knows to lead is to serve. An elected official is elected to Serve all the people not just those that voted for them, something all leaders should know. For a public servant you know you can trust, Elect Mayor Dowling, Monday October 18.


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