You can join my campaign, its so easy!

September 11, 2010 at 1:08 am | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, Questions | Leave a comment
No, I am not asking for your money. It is easy to get involved in an enviro-friendly campaign. You may of seen Dave Dowling on the bus or LRT. You are visiting this web site, an enviro-friendly campaign headquarters. Filled with information. Go ahead tell some one, email  it to your friends, get involved in the democratic process.  Do you like Edmonton? Do you like trees and such? Do you vote? Did you see the latest video here? Visited the youtube site yet? There is over 30 videos there, some are well, there! Great message board add ons. If you can not vote Dave Dowling, those videos are great material to share with everyone at twitter, or to email to everyone you know, and the same if you can Elect Mayor Dowling.

M0nday October 18 is the last chance to do so. There should be 24/7 polls open all the time for at least two weeks. You can go buy all kinds of products at 2 AM, but you can not vote then? how sad for a nation claiming to be a leader of Democracy.
Yes it is easy to get involved without putting up a large made from trees destined for the landfill election sign. Most people that have those, may not respect the environment. The best way to respect the environment in elections is to email, talk about it, message board it, and post it. Either way, get involved, participate, no matter who you are voting for. As a Candidate I would ask that be to “Elect Mayor Dowling”

Some of course, may disagree with this and argue that one is only worthy if they raise somewhere around $582,817.00, mostly from large Corporations to mostly give to major media, but my argument is those who have nothing to offer do so in an attempt to con the voter into thinking they have something. which is why Edmonton is the way it is, with a rather ugly brown smear upon the air. If you drive out to Leducs airport and drive back to Edmonton you can see the brown air layer. . . waiting for your lungs to inhale it. My Ten Billion dollar Vision helps change that color.

Ummmm, yes, soon you get to vote, then it will be 3 long years until you get to vote again…..


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