Hike minimum wage: Officials at Labour Day barbecue | Edmonton | News | Edmonton Sun

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Hike minimum wage: Officials at Labour Day barbecue | Edmonton | News | Edmonton Sun.

I, Dave Dowling, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton, was at the Edmonton and District Labour Council 21 st BBQ at Giovanni Caboto Park. There was at least 2000 people there while I was in the area.

It is in a way sad to see so many people showing up. And I Dave Dowling would have to disagree with what Ben Henderson says in the article about how the min.  wage should be around $16 per hour. It shold be $20, like I have said for years. Good paying is part of the solution to sloving poverty, as is having what people need for those who can not work.

No matter what the government of the Day legislates, regulates or orgistrates, there will always be those who can not work. There are many reasons why some people can not work, and the governments of the day must ensure that those who can not work, also have quality of life. To do else is mean spirited and spiteful.
A city the size of Edmonton could easily over years put a billion dollars into low cost housing, where the small profit goes directly to the foodbanks.  someone has had 9 years on council, and there is still poverty horrors in Edmonton.

Low cost housing, where those who truly need it can have it. Property taxes on it could be waived, and the city cold also lower some utility bills as the city has vested intrests in some utilities.

The province and federal governments could also do more. A city can not really solve poverty, homeless and hunger issues by itself.


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