This week in Edmonton

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You may of seen Dave Dowling arond town this week, perhaps downtown, or on whyte ave, or stoney plain rd or on 97 st. Yes, that is me, Dave Dowling leading the way, walking around doing some environmental friendly campaigning! And it is true that I take the bus and LRT.
I , Dave Dowling have put up some more links on this web site, on the right side of the screen under the heading blogroll! And there is a Calander there with days I have posted something highlighted. You have not seen Dave Dowling in the major media, because they are foul practicers of political discrimination.
It may be that they belong to some dark secret organization of foulish political discriminators. Which is sad, for such may be linked to devil worshipping and worse. political discrimination is of the dark side of the force as that character named Luke in those movies would say.
This site is the opposite of that. this is a site that encourages you to participate. This is a site that is here to help make Edmonton a better more brighter place, where the evils of the discriminators falls to the side, like snow been plowed off the streets of Edmonton in the winter.

Snow plowing the streets clean is part of what I , Dave Dowling name “core services.” Having clean streets in winter is healthy, good and wonderful, and makes driving a joy instead of a nightmare. I, Dave Dowling did not have to raise $582,817.00 from corporations to figure that out.

In the last Mayor of Edmonton Election, $582,817.00 is the amount of looot the candidate that won raised, mostly from corporations to give to the discriminating media to con  the voters into thinking he had something to offer to Edmonton, besides 70% tax increases.

This election, do not be conned. Do you own research and thinking and decide for yourself who to vote for. If you can not vote to Elect Mayor Dowling, please make sure you vote, only 27% voted in the last election.


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