BBC News – Researchers develop tea bag filter that cleans water

September 5, 2010 at 7:49 pm | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, Questions | Leave a comment

BBC News – Researchers develop tea bag filter that cleans water.

Water, we all need it, clean good water with the right minerals in it is good for us. I dare say you would not want to drink water from the N. Sask. river downstream from Edmonton. No, you would probably want to boil and then filter it twice before consuming water, after it passes through Edmonton.
Edmontons storm water and sewage waste are tied together. When there is lots of rain, raw sewage flows into the river.
Yes raw, sounds rather smelly and unpleasant, and not an enviro- vision of any sort.

The current Mayor has had 6 sewer pipe long years to do something about this enviro-situation. Instead, high density dwelling areas seam to be more important.  This River flows threw more than Edmonton. The N. Sask river flows right across Alberta, Sask, and into Manitoba, where it ends up flowing into a enviro-delicate part of the Ocean.

A brown smear, from Edmonton right to the Ocean, and it is change the airport into high density dwelling areas that are getting the attention.

Lowering the cost of water in Edmonton, which is near the highest prices in N. America, and ensuring what we flush downriver is cleaner than what we used upriver is an excellent way to help the environment and fight poverty at the same time.

On Monday, Oct 18 you can vote, its a civic election! you only get to do so once every 3 years.


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