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ONLINE NEWSPAPER Online Newspaper | Free Online Newspaper | ecofriendly planet.  Newspapers kill forests. Newspaper is made from trees. It looks like most newspapers hate trees and forests.

No wonder they try to demonize anyone trying to reform the barbaric hemp laws. And try to make anyone working against that to be a hero or something. Newspapers are so savage, they would rather pillage trees from the forests, untill there is no forests, rather than pay farmers to grow hemp for newsprint. Hemp makes a better paper and uses far less toxic to everything chemicals to process it into paper. When you kill forests for paper, it take horrid toxic chemicals to process the screaming tree into newspaper that is latter tossed in the garbage.

Unlike most newspaper media I, Dave Dowling respect the environment and believe we need more trees, not less. I, Dave Dowling also know that peanuts are far more dangerous than hemp will ever be, and that our children should not be in jail with killers and rapists over it, unlike most newspapers that demonize anyone trying to save the forests, by working to repeal the savage antiquated hemp laws.

More trees, More voting power, not less.


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