More trees is what Edmonton needs.

September 2, 2010 at 10:23 pm | Posted in Alberta, edmonton | Leave a comment

Trees are excellent divine creations of God, no matter what Steven hawkings believes. Trees are great, though trees can have problems, like humans can. Dutch elm disease is a serious threat to Trees in Edmonton, Edmonton has vast numbers of Dutch Elms. Edmonton also has trees that the pine beetles kill. What Edmonton needs along those empty freeway spaces is more native tree and plant species. Beds of wilds roses, lots of trembling aspen, and some different species of evergreens.
Trees are important. Edmonton could also use a vast park the size of the downtown airport, before it needs high density property dwellings. Trees and parks help protect the environment, high density dwelling areas only add to environmental woes and troubles.

Besides the multitude of wild-life most people also like trees and forests, except of course perhaps for some print media that kill trees for newspaper, and some Candidates for Mayor of Edmonton, that would rather have high density dwelling areas, rather than parks with trees that everyone likes.

Trees look nice. They look even nicer with squirrels, birds and other various wildlife dwelling in them. Trees and parks look far nicer than high density property dwellings. Trees also absorb pollution and give off nice oxygen that people like to breath. People also like taking pictures amongst the trees, and doing other things in forests of trees, plants and wildlife. Edmonton is known worldwide for its amount of parks and trees. Do you like trees? Do you like plants and animals? Do you like the environment? Do you like clean air? If you answer yes to those, you may consider voting this election.
It does not cost much to plant a tree. It cost lots to mow acres of grass along freeways. Edmonton needs more trees.


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