The facts and details, where are they? Downtown Airport.

August 31, 2010 at 6:12 pm | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, Questions | Leave a comment

The downtown airport raises enough questions to make airplanes spin in the sky! Its the enviro-vision greed driven profit quest In My Opinion, the Downtown Airport redevelopment thing-a-mi-geg. What realtor is handling the sales? Did they donate to any Candidate? How in the heck can a city legislate what is built, when building codes are governed by the province? Will anybody be allowed to buy property there? Or is there just a list of a select few, even though this is a democracy? Will it be a first come, first buy? Will there be a limit on how many lots one can purchase? Or once again, is there a list of who gets to buy what property? Have they contributed money to any Candidate? Who will set the price per lot? What will be the size of lots? Or is just one person going to purchase it all? If so, did they contribute to anyones campaign? Will people be allowed to resell lots they purchase? Will they be able to hang onto those lots for years and build nothing, so they can profit from land values increasing? Which Airport outside of Edmontons tax jurisdiction is the 80,000+ plane movements per year going to and why? Will there be lots of bike paths? Where are the plans to build a new airport that Edmonton owns? Why do some want Edmonton to have no airport so they can stuff money in the bank? What will ending the leases cost? how much will doing so raise taxes? How can a city make money off it, when a city by definition is a non-profit entity?

Why are the media not asking these Questions? Have they recieved money from Candidates in favor of all of this? Is that why they are so quiet on these and many other questions on the airport issue? Who will pay for the environmental cleanup? the taxpayers? Are the taxpayers on the hook if it is not done properly?  can the city be sued over it decades later?

Where are all these facts? And where are all the details? To answer all these and others questions about this shady decided by 10 people deal, that we seam to be hearing nothing about in the media, except its a enviro-vision (like all the bars, strip malls and fast food joints along 104 ave where the railtracks use to be was suppose to be), that will make Edmonton a leader of something. . . . If you find out what that something is, please let me know.

Otherwise, just Elect Mayor Dowling on October 18, 2010.


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