leduc has Edmonton international airport . . . someone wants edmonton to have none.

August 30, 2010 at 10:22 pm | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, Questions | Leave a comment

http://www.leduc-county.com/maps.htm  in name only does Edmonton have anything to do with this airport leased by the non-profit Edmonton airport authority from the federal government. The Federal government owns it. The Airport is physically  in Leduc county. Non-profits are non-profit, they have no profit to share with cities. On the airport downtown, Mr. Katz has pointed out that in 2010 dollars, 16 acres is worth 200 million, so 400 acres would be worth at least 5 billion, minus the costs for clean up, infrastruture, etc, the city would lose money choping it up into strip malls and high density dwellings. just like the enviro vision where the  rail road tracks along  104 ave use to be , all we will get is strip malls and fast food joints, no saving the environment. Council vote 10-3 to do so. 10 votes that’s what is closing the airport for a greed driven profit quest. I say keep it open or turn it into a Big Park named Blachford field, there could be Wop may mini forest,  WW2 flower garden, a raceway, skateboard area and ever so much more.

on Monday Oct 18 you can Elect Mayor Dowling who says keep it open or turn it into a park.


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