Poverty, why is it there?

August 29, 2010 at 12:04 am | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, Questions | 1 Comment

Poverty is there due to many and various reasons. Disasterous floods can bring an entire nation to its knees and put tens of millions of people in poverty. There are many personal reasons as well. Moving to a new nation, Disabilities, discrimination, recessions, lack of training, and many many more. Not everyone can “Go get a  job.”  Which is a mean and spiteful approach to poverty. I, Dave Dowling knows so and am not just talking so.  I myself have experianced  financial poverty due to personal circumstances, and know and have talked with many who are and have been in poverty.
I, Dave Dowling have argued for years that more needs to be done to solve this issue. (Proof 1 Proof 2  proof 3 show Dave Dowling was talking about poverty years ago)

If a city has the will and determination it can do more than lock the poor up and chase them out of town. If a City has the will it can put money and land into solving this issue.  Low cost housing built by the city with revenues generated been granted to the food banks would be a vast step towards solving poverty. Getting the people, communities and province and federal governments involved with  financial resources to do so and it is almost all solved.

By it self, that is what a city can do if it has the will to do, build housing for the homeless, insure that revenues are going towards non-profit agencies that actually help, and getting people and communities involved in solving this deadly plight and perhaps there would be no people freezing to death in Edmonton.

Provincial governments are responsible for social services, and other such resources, and the Federal governments are responsible for UIC and other such programs that can help. Both also have more financial resources than a city like Edmonton. This is why solving poverty involves all levels of government. 

October 18, Vote,  you have 12 hours or so on that day to do so.


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  1. Such a well written post.. Thnkx for sharing this post!

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