Democracy and Edmonton.

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I, Dave Dowling had an excellent platform in the last election and did not have to raise $582,817.00, mostly from corporations to give to the media in the last election, to con you into believing I had something to offer……………

This is the 3rd election, that I Dave Dowling have stood up for Election as a Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton. In Every one of these Elections I, Dave Dowling have stated that the city needs more Democracy. As Democracy is excellent and good. In The last election The Media was screaming how Candidates should have to collect 1000 signatures instead of 100 on the nomination form, and how the fee should be upped from a $500 deposit to something more unobtainable to most people. And the media was labeling every candidate but one “fringe” Even thought thier name was not on the ballot, the media in that election just like this one are thowing impartiality out the window, and demanding that you vote how they tell you to vote. Like a fascist would do. 

I, Dave Dowling do not agree with that. I pointed out how I was not taking donations in the last election, just like in this election, and the Premier agreed with Dave Dowling. This election, Candidates can not accept $26,000.00 from West Edmonton Mall, like the Mayor did in the last Election. If a Candidate wants to raise $582,817.00 to give to the media, like the Mayor did in the last election it will be harder to do so this election as there is now limits on how much a corporation can give, thats Mr Stelmach! I thank Mr Stelmach, because he has brought more Democracy to Edmonton in this matter, allthough In My Opinion he did not go far enough!

I, Dave Dowling have always believed people should have more voting power, not less. The Current council, cut your voting power in half. Instead of two votes for two councilors, you now only get one vote for one councilor. thats a 50% decrease in your voting power!

 I Dave Dowling believe in term limits, unlike the current mayor who said in the last election that  for Mayors two terms should be the limit , but is now running for three!

Democracy is where you make the choice. Do not let Candidates with nothing to offer but tax increases, con you into believing they have something to offer, because they give hundreds of thousands of dollars to the media to trash ever other candidate. For that is not democracy, that is something far darker named Fascism. Fascism is where corporations have the ear of government and all the people have is more tax increases, and an apathy to voting. . . . .

Fascism is something heroic Canadians fought many decades ago in WWII to keep out of Canada.

Fascism hates and despises Democracy. Democracy is the bane of fascism. Democracy tells and lets people decide for themselves who to vote for. Democracy is good, a godly thing that the world needs more of. Dave Dowling supports and believes in Democracy. Dave Dowling knows the polls should be open longer, perhaps a week, with polling stations at malls, major bus stops, and city hall, so it is easier for people to vote. People should have days to vote, not just mere meager hours. Only such democratic reform will make a city a jewel of site amongst the nations of the world. It is Democracy Edmonton needs more of.

This Election in Edmonton on Monday October 18, Elect Mayor Dowling. If you can not vote this way, I will still say to go and vote, even ff not for me. for it is the Voting that is the important part, not enough people voted in the last civic election in Edmonton.


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