Edmonton city center blatchford field airport. . . Is it just all about profit?

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Cities in the modern age usually need roads and airports. People are able to move around cities with roads, with relative ease. Airports in a city also help people move around with ease. Some say Roads and Airports are important to cities for they also supply good paying quality  jobs and industry, where people of the city that have roads and airports can work.

Just look at Leduc for an example of how roads and airports are good for a city.
It is not in the best intrests of a city to sell off its only airport.  When there is hundreds of acres of parking lots already around town, the only reason to deprive a city of an airport is profit and nothing else.

City owned land can be sold to vested business intrests for cheap prices. Such land can be sold and resold to people so a bunch of people make profit. Then a developer buys it and makes even more profit selling the condo for hundreds of thousands of dollars to the innocent victim of the land swindle deal.

$250,000.00 from the cities tax dollars stuffed treasure chests has already be split up amongst five foreign property developers, who made it to the design finals.  Thats on top of the expensive study done on the airport land.

Already the profits for foreigners are rolling out, and all Edmonton is getting is more taxes for it.

More taxes will be needed for environmental clean up of 400+ acres of land, so there is more profit for developers who will not want to pay the clean up costs.
More Taxes will be needed to survey 400 acres, so it can be split up in lots for profit, Developers will demand that cities taxes pay for it.
More taxes will be needed to build roads, roads are expenses property developers will not pay.
More taxes will be needed for sidewalks.
More taxes will be needed for street signs and red light cameras.
More taxes will be needed for sewers, gutters, and all the other stuff 30,000 people on less than 400 acres of land will need.
More taxes will be needed to give to the media to con you into believing depriving a city of an airport is good.

In the 2007 election $ 582,817.00 is what the current Mayor of Edmonton raised to spend on the last election to have you vote for the city having no airport………..

Property Taxes in Edmonton have gone up over 60% since 2004…..


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