Bold Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton, Dave Dowling on:More on the Airport, mayothorpe, and HEMP!

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Indeed,this image was taken  a few years ago at the fallen four memorial park grand open ceremony. I, Dave Dowling candidate for Mayor of Edmonton, had a solom look upon my brow as befited that day, though I will admit, due to poverty,  needed a haircut , also due to poverty had an old Tshirt on. A Marijuana Party of Alberta shirt. I, Dave Dowling know Hemp(another name for Marujuana) is safer than peanuts which have killed people. And safer than pretzels, which almost killed a president of the united states. And  I, Dave Dowling know children do not deserve to be with killers and rapists in jail over something less harmfull than peanuts.
Hopefully the Premier of Alberta agrees. 
I am not sure if the other Candidates for Mayor of Edmonton, know that peanuts are far more dangerous than hemp and that our children do not deserve to be with killers and rapists in jail because of it or peanuts. Dave Dowling knows so.
I am not sure why the Premier of Alberta, the hon. Premier Ed Stelmach was smiling that day this picture was taken, but it is a great smile isn’t it. from left to right in the image is premier Ed Stelmach,  Marie Stelmach, Dave Dowling.
Would be the place to go to ask why the premiers political party which represents a lot of northern Alberta, both federally and provincially has not asked that the Edmonton downtown airport be kept open or turned into a national historical site park, instead of letting a bunch of foreign property developers profit from it?
once again

Would be the place to start.


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