more on the $582,817.00, and media and democracy

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Mr Susuki on media and corporate fascism and more in this video.

And: The following quote is from
Chuck Allard, the chairperson of “Envision Edmonton”, a non-profit organization of concerned people which is trying to save the profitable to Edmonton downtown airport, said in a statement about the media.
“It has been very ill received in the media and our intention misinterpreted.”
Yes the media was out for blood that these people were actuallylegally paying for signatures and actually legally paying people to legally collect signatures. As if doing so is against democracy, edmonton, people and anything good and Canadian. Yet here is a bunch of people, dedicated people trying thier best to make sure Edmonton has an Airport, which only seams to be what thier cause is. A city having an airport looks to be a good thing, just look at how Leduc is prospering from thier Airport.
But they still say nothing about the $582,817.00 that mostly came from corporations that the mayor raised to spend in the last election.
It looks as if the Media and others do not want the people having money for work done, nor do these media want people participating in any way in democracy, and the media will demonize any who do, no matter if they are individuals or non-profits working for a worthy cause. Unless of course you give them media hundreds of thousands of dollars, then and only then is it all right in those media eyes. Shady journalism at its worst, with partialityism, yellowism, bullyism, and so many other flavors of ism one may as well call it fascism in the press. Thats what Fascism does, it only lets one side of anything be heard, the side it only supports, all others are critizied, marginilized and so many other ized’s one may as well call it demonized in the press.

Thats what Fascism is, where only those with money have the rights, and that is just another reason to Elect Mayor Dowling on October 18, 2010, which is a Monday is you do not know that yet. . . .
I, Dave Dowling have never used the downtown airport, but can totally understand why Edmontons should be kept open.
Which is why I can say with pride, that I Dave Dowling also look forward to my demonization in the media this election just as in the last election, where the media labeled 8 of 9 candidates “fringe”.
After all, I Dave Dowling, believe in good things like our children not been locked up with killers and rapists over a substance less harmfull than a peanut(Hemp,) People having clean air, good waters, people earning money for work done, a city owning an airport and Democracy. Democracy is something we need more of, and one of the reasons why you can Elect Mayor Dowling on Monday October 18, 2010


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