This week.

August 15, 2010 at 10:58 am | Posted in Alberta, edmonton | Leave a comment

This week, I Dave Dowling was at the fringe, on whyte ave, downtown, west edmonton mall area, and you may have seen me up near the ward 11 area doing some early campaigning.

And yes it is very true, that I , Dave Dowling do use the buses and LRT to get around town. If only the fare to use them was less, and if only a few of them ran all night, or at least until the bars close on whyte ave.
And it would be great to see the bus routes coordinated with the LRT, like they are in Vancouver, so one does not see the LRT pulling away just as the bus your on arrives at the station.

It seams there is some justified anger towards the current city council over the airport issue. It looks as if a lot of Edmonton wants that airport kept open and I can understand why, even though I have never used the downtown edmonton airport. It should be kept open.

Leduc is doing great with its international airport owned by the federal government. The Federal government is just finishing a $1.2 billion dollar upgrade to that airport. Leduc is also getting a brand new hotel, and Leduc has a large tax base of industries and business around the Leduc international airport. Leduc is booming thanks to the Leduc international airport. Lots of companies around the Leduc international airport have excellent paying jobs. The only reason the Leduc international airport is named the Edmonton international airport, is to make Edmonton think they actually benifit from the Leduc airport!

40 minute $50 dollar cab fares only benefit the cab.

I have no idea why some in Edmonton, on city council do not want an airport in Edmonton. . . . I, Dave Dowling can fully understand the benefits of a city owned airport in the city of Edmonton, and fully support an airport been in the city of Edmonton, where Edmonton can benefit from it.


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